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Pergolas | Purposes & Types of Pergolas

Pergolas. In simple words, they’re shade stands. They consist of pillars supporting a roofing of cross-beams and rafters. Due to the lattice (/ crisscross) shape of the roof, they’re slightly open from the top. They can be used in gardens, parks, and even in houses, for elegance and shade.

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Wall Skirting | Skirting Boards & Types of Skirting

Plain walls have their own elegance. They’re not too shabby. But then come these slim boards at the bottom, connected to the floor. They’re a small change. But they completely alter the appearance of a room. These aren’t necessary per se. But they protect your walls from damage, caused by mops. In this aspect, they’re also known as mop boards. They’re also useful in another way. With them comes a design appeal, that you just can’t miss.

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5+ Wall Protection Methods

Wall Protection is important. I think we can all agree about that. It looks good, is better for walls, reduces costs, and so on...

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Why Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring is in Trend?

Luxury vinyl tile flooring contemporary flooring tile which looks very stylish and costs a fraction of amount when compared to all other popular floor tiles that are in market now a days

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How Wall Covering Gives Interior Look Better

There are many people who do not like colored and painted walls. They prefer the natural and classy white walls instead of the painted or patterned walls. Even if they want to make some changes to their houses, they will use creative ways to cover the wall instead of painting the wall.

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Skirting Solution by MBT

Skirting are the strips, covering the lowest part of any interior wall. Its purpose is to cover the joints between the wall surface and the floor.

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Heavy Duty Wall Covering by MBT

Sometimes when the wall becomes effectively damaged due to unexpected weather or polluted environment and abnormal activity, heavy-duty wall covering is a method which makes effectively prevents the wall from heavy impact with entourage in over the wall.

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Why to use Wall Protection?

At the time of designing a building wall protection is an important component to consider. With today’s ever-growing population, fast-paced world and rushed lifestyle, sustainability of buildings and spaces are essential.

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Change Your Interior by Wall Laminates

Modern houses needs modern interior. So, people start adding expensive furniture for decors, new wall paints, lights and much more to improve look. Just imagine all these cost at a time, after that their maintenance. But there are some ways by which we can make interior look better and modern.

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Choose a Right Flooring For Interior

When it comes to think about interior, we start doing renovation to walls, replace the furniture and more and except one thing one, the floor.

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Prevent Sports Injuries by Sports Flooring

Sports flooring is not one thing but a variety of approaches to floor construction or floor covering using a variety of products for a variety of athletic purpose or for a players.

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